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"Anew way of providing notary services"

An authentic working philosophy

Remaining faithful to our family legacy and bolstered by our long experience as founding members of a major association in Brussels, we (Olivier and Jérôme) decided to create a new notary partnership that combines tradition and modernity.

Along with our 20-person team who have the training, knowledge and experience needed to deal with your matters efficiently, we have based our vision on strong, shared values.

  • Committed & Meticulous
    • Being notaries is more than a profession for us – it’s a passion. We strive at all times to understand and meet our clients’ expectations. We ensure  that our employees receive ongoing training so that they can provide a  high-quality service, both now and in the future. As a team, we are always  trying to improve, to pay attention to the smallest details and to hold  ourselves to a high standard.
  • Trustworthy
    • We firmly believe that trust is the only way to build sustainable  relationships. That's why we have made it the central pillar of all our  relationships, both within our team and with our clients. We believe in our  ability to create a real vision for our firm and to meet all of our client’s  needs, while balancing our work with current societal and environmental  concerns. The confidentiality required in the notarial profession is also a  central aspect of this trust-based relationship.
  • Person-Focused & Responsive
    • The first and founding value of Alter Ego: people are at the centre of our  culture. This guides our client-focused approach, as well as the  relationships our staff form within our company. Guided by tolerance and  a respect for diversity, we build strong relationships with each of our  clients, working closely with them at each important stage of their personal  journey. We also strive to be flexible in our organisation, not only in terms  of preparing documents and following up on our clients’ cases, but also in  the development of our internal structure. Our desire to be agile means  knowing how to anticipate needs, how to thoroughly contemplate all  aspects of an issue and how to be proactive. Recognising each of our  employees as a unique individual helps them become active participants in  our collective success.

Our services

How do I buy or sell a property?

Buying a property

Buying a condominium

Loans and insurance

Building and renovating

Pre-emptive rights

Easements, sitting tenancy and right of superficies

Tax aspects of buying/selling a property

Purchasing costs

Registration charges: exemptions and reduced rates

RentingHousing and family

The deceased died intestate, who will inherit their estate?

Certain heirs will receive a minimum share reserved by law

A relative has passed away: what should I do now?

Procedure to claim an inheritance

Taking possession of and sharing an inheritance

Accepting or refusing an inheritance

How much do I have to pay to receive an inheritance?

Cross-border inheritances

Why should I think about estate planning?

How do I plan my estate?

Estate planning abroad

What is a gift?

Can I set conditions on my gift

?How do I make the gift?

How much can I give?

Fiscal and financial consequences of a gift

How much does it cost to make a gift?

What are the differences between marriage, statutory cohabitation and common-law partnerships?

MarriageStatutory cohabitation

Common-law partnerships

Protection of my loved ones

Separation of married couples

Separation of statutory cohabitants

Separation of common-law partners

Decisions about children

Decisions about my ex-partner

What will happen to the family home in the event of a dispute?

Starting a businessHow companies are run

Financial issues

Being a business owner and its consequences for your family

How to dissolve a company

photo du notaire

Sabrina Vandenheede

Legal counsel
photo du notaire

Caroline Lietard

photo du notaire

Virginie Coene

photo du notaire

Gaël Delval

Junior notary
photo du notaire

Olivier Brouwers

photo du notaire

Caroline Delannoy

photo du notaire

Jérôme Otte

photo du notaire

Laetitia Heughebaert

photo du notaire

Gregory Kaisin

Legal counsel
photo du notaire

Mélanie Matton

photo du notaire

Chantal Dupont



Enthousiaste (Notarieel) Jurist

photo du notaire

Judith Gerrits

photo du notaire

Magaly Timmerman

Legal counsel
photo du notaire

Marie Derese

Legal counsel
photo du notaire

Audrey Diels

Legal counsel

Public sales

transparent, fiable & efficace

The price is set in front of you through a real-time auction. All the legally required security is provided by the notary, who operates at the heart of the system. In just one click, you can make a firm offer while sitting comfortably at home – no travel required.

Planting seeds with Graine de vie

How we reduce our environmental impact

17,710 trees were planted by Alter Ego in 2021! In addition to supporting the reforestation NGO Graine de Vie, Alter Ego was founded with a goal in mind: to become a paperless company. Thanks to our collaboration with Graine de vie, each client contributes to our goal by offsetting their environmental impact. Carbon offsetting is ensured by large-scale tree planting projects managed by Graine de Vie.

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League of Optimists

A SMILE a day keeps the doctor away

What if we looked on the bright side of life by staying positive? This is what Olivier and Jérôme had in mind when they helped create the international association “Optimists Without Borders.” Its aim is “to work across borders to help raise awareness and promote changes in mindsets towards greater optimism and increased enthusiasm, happiness and positive thinking, boldness and an enterprising spirit, respect for others as well as harmony between citizens and communities.” 

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